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Casey Stedman is a proactive advocate of human spaceflight. He is the Education & Training Officer for the Association of Spaceflight Professionals (ASP), an international nonprofit focused on developing payloads and preparing researchers for commercial spaceflight – and a bioastronautics researcher with the international Institute of Astronautical Sciences (IIAS).

He is a career military officer, having served over 18 years in the Air Force and Reserves. He is a navigator with 4,000 hours flying time, and veteran of the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria.

He has twice taken part in NASA analog astronautics programs- first as the mission commander of the 2nd Hawaii Space Exploration Analog Study (HI-SEAS) in 2014, and then as a mission specialist during the 10th Human Exploration Research Analog (HERA) at Johnson Space Center in 2016. He has amassed over 150 days in isolated space simulations.

Casey has a BA in Geography from Central Washington University, and is pursuing a Masters from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Human Factors. He has completed graduate certificates in Flight Testing from the University of Kansas and Commercial Space Studies from Florida Tech.

Casey has been a volunteer with a number of STEM organizations, including the Great lakes Science Center, the Greater St Louis Air & Space Museum, and the Suborbital Applications Research Group.
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  • Professional development, including standards development
  • Professional certifications, including flight readiness
  • Microgravity technology development, including for research and operations
  • Human factors, including habitat, suit, and environmental
  • Spaceflight crew training
  • Human performance research



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