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ASP has more than 80 members from 10 countries drawn from backgrounds in defense, science, medicine, engineering, business, and art. Collectively, our community shares a passion for solving difficult problems and operating at the forefront of a challenging and exciting professional environment.

Our membership focuses on core initiatives for the development of the spaceflight professional, and our members expect to benefit from professional roadmaps, certifications, networking, technology development, and industry-wide partnerships.

Yi So-yeon is an excellent example of the community we see as the future of commercial spaceflight. After her 2008 ISS tour, South Korean Astronaut Yi So-yeon became a member of ASP’s Board of Directors. As the first Korean to fly in space and a biotechnologist, Dr. Yi represents an interdisciplinary, intercultural, highly accomplished community that will make future spaceflight milestones possible.

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Association of Spaceflight Professionals

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