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ASP provides the following resources as an overview of industry data, research, and insights.

Consider ASP membership to access the full collection of over 10 years of professional resources and member achievements.


Frontiers in Human Spaceflight: 

Professional Advancement in a Dynamic Industry

The first volume of Frontiers illustrates a vision for spaceflight professional development. It focuses on ASP's mission, challenges to the advancement of space economy, and tools for development of highly qualified professionals.

Forecasting Demand for Commercial Human Spaceflight

NASA continues to invest in commercial human spaceflight based on its anticipated demand for LEO. NASA’s strategy is intended to achieve continuous presence in LEO, foster regulations that allow commerce to thrive, research long-duration human spaceflight, and expand commercial opportunity, as depicted in this infographic.


Medical Guidelines for Suborbital Commercial Human Spaceflight: A Review

Interdisciplinary review for medical guidelines for spaceflight crew and participants in the context of changing crew demographics.

Spaceflight-Associated Vascular Remodeling and Gene Expression in Mouse Calvaria

Data on vascular remodeling in microgravity, with implications for SANS, cardiovascular deconditioning, bone loss in crew health and performance.


ASP maintains presence at multiple industry conferences, including ASCEND, NASA HRP IWS, and NSRC.

In partnership with ASCEND, ASP's team provided the Commercial Astronaut Workshop for ASCENDx 2021: Space Policy.



Internal lectures developed by ASP's membership include:

ASP provides a central hub and forum for the spaceflight professional community, offering unique opportunities for collaboration with subject matter experts and partners.


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