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Photo @NASA/Greg Sachs, 2018.

ASP provides the following services and resources:

  • Professional resources: Continuing education industry data, publication resources
  • Professional network
  • Employer network
  • Vendor discounts
  • Entrepreneurial resources: Partnerships, network
  • Association events
  • Mentorship by expertise
  • Interdisciplinary microgravity technology development

  • Assistance in maturing existing microgravity technologies

  • Experimental design for microgravity science (human/biological/physical)

Credentialing (in development)
  • Credentialing structure for microgravity science, engineering, and medicine
  • Technology advancement competency 
  • Coordination with industry partners in competency transportability

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ASP also recognizes that highly skilled, high performing, existing professionals may not require dedicated membership services.

In this case, ASP offers the following resources for external collaborators:

External collaboration

  • Operations outside of your home institution, including funding exploration or interdisciplinary capabilities
  • Central hub for the latest developments across industry segments and areas of expertise
  • Framework for the advancement of existing intellectual property
  • Collaborations on the development of microgravity competencies

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