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ASP provides professional membership resources to the spaceflight industry. Our members are at the forefront of professional qualifications for the microgravity setting.

Internal Technology Portfolio

Technologies for the support crew health and performance with direct input from membership.

Direct Connection with a Dynamic Industry

Partnerships to connect qualified talent with frontiers in human spaceflight.

Professional Credentialing

Credentials in development to provide standards and certifications for career accession.

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ASP member Greg Sachs upon completion of HERA XVI, Feb 2018. Photo @NASA/Greg Sachs
ASP Life Sciences Team Lead Shawna Pandya during parabolic flight. Photo Ottawa NRC 2017.
ASP poster presentations as part of NASA HRP IWS, January 2020. Photo Brett Bennett.
ASP's presence at IAC 2019. Photo Jeska Clark.
ASP member Aaron Persad at NASTAR, 2017. Photo Aaron Persad.



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