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Photo Makiah Eustice, 2019.

Traditionally, human spaceflight has been developed and managed by NASA and its partners. By necessity, this has required NASA to inform each part of the development of spaceflight crews, from selection and training to the refinement of human factors. In partnership with the FAA, core standards and their associated certifications were maintained within the Astronaut Office, and developed alongside evolving human research.

Launch service providers have excelled in the development of safe and novel space vehicles. As the crucial foundation for access to space, these providers influence the capacity of customers, including NASA, to exercise crewed flights across mission types. Translating key operational frameworks across these vendors and their partners can directly inform safety, efficiency, and market base. Accordingly, ASP plans to provide crucial value to individual providers and the industry at large in the development of translatable professional standards.

Ultimately, ASP recognizes the capacity of a burgeoning human spaceflight market to support the quality of talent necessary to reach key milestones in the advancement of human spaceflight architectures. This critical role will include efforts for standardization and for connecting both sides of a developing talent pool, a role that ASP is uniquely positioned to fill.

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