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Looking Ahead to 2024

15 Jan 2024 12:00 PM | Brett Bennett (Administrator)

The new year is off to a busy start for the industry’s professionals and professionals-in-training! 2023 was an incredibly successful year for the industry and for ASP. As the team looks ahead to 2024, our strategic goals include:

New Partnerships

We’re planning to coordinate with AIAA and several universities to increase engagement between these groups and ASP’s membership.

Industry Events

The Science and Engineering Working Group will be presenting proposals to HRP IWS and AsMA in 2024.

New Initiatives

ASP will be pursuing opportunities in commercial spaceflight research for its members, and is planning to join the conversation in ASTM’s F47 subcommittee on commercial spaceflight.

Grant Submissions

Leveraging ASP’s Science and Engineering portfolio to pursue technology advancement on behalf of its membership. Of special note is recent work on lower body negative pressure as a long-term health and performance countermeasure.

Certification Development

ASP will continue to lay the groundwork for offering professional credentials in a variety of professional competencies to its membership and the industry at large.

Beginning Work

ASP's team and members have already begun work in 2024. We'll be attending NASA HRP IWS this year to present our portfolio’s latest work in bioastronautics and conduct internal ASP business. We’ll then be initiating grant season with submittals to the ISS National Lab starting in March.

We’re very much looking forward to continued developments in Artemis as well as in commercial spaceflight. Here’s to another successful year.

Starship Integrated Flight Test 2 with  Starship S25 and Super Heavy B9 launches from Starbase, TX in November 2023. Photo by nader saremi.

ASP’s membership shares a mission to develop the next generation of spaceflight professionals, and in doing so, to provide the means for achievement of key milestones in human spaceflight. To support professional development in this way, ASP continues to advance funding facilitation and professional opportunity in a variety of areas.

Learn more about ASP’s work here.

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